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Hari Sukan Negara 2016

Under Armour Test of Will

Under Armour Test Of Will 2016 Malaysia

Under Armour Test Of Will 2016 The Gilafitness team Entering Under Armour Event 2016. With just 2 weeks of training the event exercises, we decided to try at the under armour challenge. Hundreds of competitors and fitness enthusiast alike flocked Sunway Pyramid concourse area to be in the running for the title of under armours […]

Plank Excercise Gilafitness

How To Plank Excercise

By Dr. Mercola With exercise, sometimes the simplest of movements result in the greatest gains to your fitness, and this is certainly the case with planks. To do a plank, you hold your body (the trunk portion) off the ground, making sure to hold it in a straight line. If you’ve never tried one, a plank may […]

Mr Selangor 2016

Mr Selangor 2016